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Johnny Wimbrey Bringing Humility in Leadership

By Arun Innasimuthu_CML

We had the opportunity to sit down and listen to Johnny Wimbrey an international speaker, speaker, author and television personality. Johnny shared 7 Critical Character Distinctions . We wanted to share some of his great thoughts in leadership and winning.

"The great Wayne Gretzky 100% of all shots not taken, 100% will never go in"

Stinking Thinking

Focuses on personal or external limitations

Attract other whiners

Lacks the value for advisory

Has NO accountability

Talks about problems

Questions life


Winners eat, sleeps & breaths winning possibilities

Attract winners

Is Mentored

Surround myself with the thinking that out thinks me.

Winners establishes accountability

Get pissed off at not reach your goals

Is a student for life

Tells their problems

So here at SoSimple Home would ask you to think about where can you focus on to bring a new attitude or perspective to your leadership? Leadership starts in our homes, our careers, our community, our tribes, so no matter your position you are a leader.