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Love Your Neighborhood

By Arun Innasimuthu_CML

In the spirit of community we are throwing a party to celebrate Love Your Neighborhood! We are asking our readers to send to us an email explaining why their neighborhood/street is the best in DFW!


Send your email to by February 20, 2017. The best neighborhood/street story will be chosen on February 25 and SoSimpleHome will host a block party in their honor with food and fun.

So how do we keep you area to be a great places to live? First and foremost, when we take care of our neighborhood it favorably helps to grow property values; second, it feels good to come home each day to a great neighborhood.

Here are our top ways to continue or begin to love your neighborhood this year:
• Talk to your neighbors, bring back community
• Perform a random act of kindness for a neighbor
• Let your neighbors know when you will be away so they can band together to watch over your home (you can also call the police department and let them know)
• Mediate a conflict if you have one
• Pick up after your pets
• Help do some heavy lifting
• Pick up trash
• Throw a monthly neighborhood dinner party and rotate houses
• Host a game night
• Buy Girl Scout Cookies, even if you are on a diet. Donate them to the mail carrier, the garbage collectors or even the troops overseas
• Encouraging words go a long way
• Remember, at any given time, people are doing the best they can

Maybe you’re ready to leave your neighborhood and make a move in 2017. That’s okay, too. Our custom craft real estate plans take even the smallest details of your vision and bring them to life. We are elevating and creating simplicity in the real estate market for our clients, call or text us at 972.657.0364