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Review of DFW Real Estate Market YTD-May 2017

By Lori Lesnansky

Summer is heating up in Dallas Fort Worth and the demand for housing continues to climb! We just finished reviewing the snapshot of the DFW real estate market for the first 5 months of 2017. What is it telling us? North Texas continues to drive housing demand from new companies making DFW a place to call home, overall job growth in the market and of course.... it's Texas!

This is a great time to understand your equity in your home and take a closer look at opportunities. What can the power of equity do for you? First it gives you an opportunity to cash out of your house and either upgrade to a new home, downsize or take that equity and determine the best way to reinvest it.

The interest rates have been holding at or below 4% on average for 30 year loans. The interest rates are still very competitive. Have you checked you interest rate lately for your mortgage? If not, you should as you could be paying a much higher interest rate based on when you purchased and if you have not refinanced in the last few years.

You may be positioned for great opportunity to make a change. To find out how your equity and or interest rates could allow you to make a move email: or call/text 972.657.0364 for a complimentary consult.

From the report, here are 9+ areas of the market where inventory levels are even further down vs. last year’s lows:

These cities include:
Flower Mound
Trophy Club/West Lake
Haltom City/Riverside

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