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Giving back is our way of life at Sosimple home

We donate to one of our partner organization of your choice at each closing or if you have a cause you are passionaite about we will donate to that cause.  we know that  neighborhoods are filled with needs from a simple smile to so much more.....
Ways to Get Involved

Bonton Farms

Largest Urban City Farm in the US

Together We Can Transform a Community

Bonton Farms was born from a bold idea. The belief that a small urban farm can restore a community with an abundance of fresh, healthy foods, meaningful work, and an inspired sense of purpose.

Yes, it’s a tall order for a small farm. 

Join SoSimple Home on a monthly serving opprtunity each month.  In addition we are friends of the farm.

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Next steps center


+ Feeding the homeless the first Sunday of the month at the Lewisville Salvation Army.

+ To help bring hope and healing to adults or to impact the life of a child or youth, mentoring at Valley Creek is the way for you to take next steps.

+Reading Buddy/School Volunteer . Reading with students can help them develop a love of reading and a greater motivation to read. This provides an environment where younger readers feel a sense of accomplishment while they build fluency. Because the program provides success in literacy, students often become more positive about their ability to read and may also improve their overall learning skills.

+outreach to support the local commuity needs throughout the year.

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Cane rosso rescue 

With the aim of supporting local dog rescue groups, creating a network of foster homes, and ultimately finding homes for abandoned or homeless dogs, Cane Rosso Rescue is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Dallas, Texas. Founded
Adopt a DOG

Jonathan's place

Foster Care & Adoption

The mission of Jonathan’s Place is to provide a safe place, loving homes, and promising futures for abused and neglected children, teens, and young adults .

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